The Review

aut08The Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society appears three times a year and is free to members. Non-members can view the list of contents and order back copies from our website. We include articles on the Pre-Raphaelites, including new research, book reviews, reports of events and other items of interest to our members.

New contributors are always welcome, so if you are interested then please have a look at the contributors’ guidelines on the website and contact the Editor, Serena Trowbridge.

PRS US Newsletter

Under the enthusiastic stewardship of Tim McGee, The Pre-Raphaelite Society Newsletter of the United States contains articles on American based PRB art collections, notices of upcoming exhibitions and meetings, a directory of current websites, reviews of early exhibitions and stories of the few in the PRB circle that have visited America. All material for publication in the PRSUS Newsletter should be addressed to:

Tim McGee
822 Jewell Avenue
Sebastopol, California



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