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A Pre-Raphaelite Symphony

The PRS has received the following message. PLease get in touch with Joe if you are interested.

“As an established professional composer using a traditional musical language, one of my aims for 2010 is to write a Pre-Raphaelite Symphony.

While I’ve long admired and cherished paintings by the Brotherhood and their followers, I’m in no way an expert either from a visual arts or literary perspective.

For this reason I’d really welcome any input from a Pre-Raphaelite enthusiast in constructing an artistic/literary programme to inspire and parallel the music. To use fashionable jargon, I suppose an inter-disciplinary collaboration is what I have in mind.

If this could be of interest to you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Joe Conway.

Contact joe.conway@ntlworld.co.uk.”

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