London visit: Guided tour of ‘Flaming June: The Making of an Icon’, March 25

Venue: Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London, W14 8LZ, at 2 p.m.

Flaming June: The Making of an Icon’ (4 November 2016 – 2 April 2017) is a landmark exhibition for Leighton House Museum, returning Leighton’s most famous and celebrated work to the artist’s house from the Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico. Depicting a sensual, sun-drenched, sleeping female figure wrapped in orange draperies against a Mediterranean backdrop, the exhibition explores the extraordinary story of this picture and subsequent rise to international fame as one of the most memorable and reproduced images in the whole of British art.

At Leighton House Museum, Flaming June will be shown beside the other works submitted by Leighton to the Academy that year, all of which were memorably captured and photographed on easels in Leighton’s studio immediately prior to being sent to the Academy in 1895. The re-gathering of these pictures places Flaming June back into the context of its original exhibition, providing a compelling starting-point for exploring its history.

This guided tour is open to all PRS members – friends are welcome. Please note that events/entrance tickets are not issued in advance of the exhibition. Pre-booking is mandatory. The Society reserves the right to allocate places on a first-come, first served basis where demand for places exceeds venue capacity.

Please email for prices and further details before 6th March 2017 to reserve!


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