Editor of the Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society

Serena Trowbridge will be standing down as Editor at the end of 2016, after a 12-year tenure.

The PRS would like to hear from anyone who might be interested in taking on the role of Editor from the beginning of 2017. The main duties are to produce three issues a year of the Review, collating and editing the material received and, where necessary, soliciting further material; arranging the licensing of images for inclusion; working with the Book Reviews Editor to ensure reviews are received in time for each issue; arranging the layout, and overseeing the printing of each issue. Ideally the Editor would be able to attend the five committee meetings plus the Annual General Meeting held in Birmingham each year. Expenses such as stationery and postage will be reimbursed.

To make an enquiry or to discuss the duties more fully, please contact Serena on 01527 837434 or at serena.trowbridge@bcu.ac.uk.

Applications including curriculum vitae to info@Pre‑Raphaelitesociety.org.

Closing date for applications: 10th September 2016.


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