Latest issue of ‘The Review’ out now- Vol. XXIII, No. 3, Autumn 2015

The latest edition of ‘The Review’, Vol. XXIII, No. 3, Autumn 2015, is now available. Members receive ‘The Review’ for free but copies can also be purchased by non-members. Please email info@Pre‑ for details.

1. “’Twofold silence as the Song of Love’: the application of Pater’s concept of Anders-streben, within his discourse of Aestheticism, to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s The House of Life” by Azelina Flint.
2. “Richard Doyle and John Everett Millais: Their Tempests Revisited” by Naoko Asano.
3. “Reinventing Malory’s Le Morte Darthur: Conflicted Chivalry in the Early Prose of William Morris” by Ellen O’Brien.
4. “’Art is Promoted by a Cultivated Mind’ A Victorian Collector’s Thoughts on Pre-Raphaelitism” by Duncan Walker.
5. “Unfinished” a poem by Sarah Doyle.
6. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize for 2015.
7. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize for 2015.
8. “Book Review Sculpture Victorious Exhibition Catalogue by Martina Droth, Jason Edwards & Michael Hatt” by Stephen G. Maddison.
9. “Book Review The Subject of a Portrait by John Harvey” by Jordan Kistler.
10. “Book Review Those Wild Wyndhams: Three Sisters at the Heart of Power by Claudia Renton” by Helen Robinson.
11. “Book Review The Many Faces and Voices of Angela Thirkell: A Literary Examination of the Brotherton Collection by Mary Faraci” by Mark Jones.
12. “Book Review The People’s Galleries: Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain, 1800-1914 by Giles Waterfield” by Madeleine Pearce.
13. “Book Review Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’ by Caroline Ings-Chambers” by Nic Peeters.
14. “Book Review The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 10, Index, Undated Letters and Bibliography” by Simon Cooke.
15. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy Exhibition Catalogue by Colin Harrison and Christopher Newall” by Stephen G. Maddison.
16. “Book Review Liberating Fashion: Aesthetic Dress in Victorian Portraits by Rhian Addison & Hilary Underwood” by Katja Robinson.
17. “Book Review Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall by Matthew Vaughan” by Mark Jones.
18. “Book Review Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
19. “William Morris” a poem by Edward Nudelman.
20. Meeting Reports.
21. Notes and Queries.


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