Latest issue of ‘The Review’ out now- Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Spring 2015

The latest edition of ‘The Review’, Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Spring 2015, is now available. This issue showcases the John Pickard Essay Prize Winner, book reviews and poetry. Members receive ‘The Review’ for free but copies can also be purchased by non-members. Please email info@Pre‑ for details.

1. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner: “Talking that Talk: negatively speaking” by Zaynub Zaman.
2. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner Runner Up: “Famous Men and Fair Women” by Tony Presland.
3. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners:

First Place: “From the Memoir of Georgiana Burne-Jones” by Shelley Roche-Jacques.
Second Place: “The Question of Shalott” by Valerie Meachum.
Third Place: “Beautiful Garden” by Sally Flint.
Poet-in-Residence’s Commendation: “Beata Beatrix” by David Webb.

4. “Book Review Art for the Nation by Susan Avery-Quash & Julie Sheldon” by Simon Cooke.
5. “Book Review Ellen Terry: The Painter’s Actress by Veronica Franklin Gould & Keremi Gawade” by Katja Robinson.
6. “Book Review Edward Burne-Jones’ Mythical Paintings: The Pygmalion of the Pre-Raphaelite Painters by Liana de Girolami Cheney” by Amelia Yeates.
7. “Book Review William Morris: Words & Wisdom” by Nic Peeters.
8. “Book Review Anarchy & Beauty: William Morris and His Legacy 1860-1960 Exhibition Catalogue by Fiona MacCarthy” by Stephen G. Maddison.
9. “Book Reviews Women in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Arthurian Renditions (1854-1867) by Jose Maria Villar and Obsession: Images of Jane Morris by Jan Marsh” by Nic Peeters.
10. “Book Review A Curl of Copper and Pearl by Kirsty Stonell Walker” by Serena Trowbridge.
11. “Exhibition Review A Victorian Obsession: The Perez Simon Collection at Leighton House” by Madeleine Pearce.
12. Meeting Reports.
13. Notes and Queries.


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