London Lecture: Mirrors in Pre-Raphaelite Painting by Claire Yearwood Munn, July 22nd

Venue: The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, In the Committee Room, 37 Spital Square, London, E1 6DY – Lecture starts at 6:30 p.m.

This lecture will examine the role of the mirror in Pre-Raphaelite painting as a significant motif that facilitates a fresh interpretation of familiar works and contributes to identifying Pre-Raphaelitism as avant-garde. Often overlooked as a critical element in their work, mirrors appear in at least thirty pictures by the original members of the Brotherhood, warranting consideration of the object as a distinguishing mark of the movement. A pervasive presence in the background of pictures from 1850 to 1916, Pre-Raphaelite representations of the mirror correspond to the unprecedented availability of glass mirrors manufactured in the 1840s and 1850s. Within this context of glass production, the Pre-Raphaelite mirror lends a contemporary relevancy, whether depicting a Victorian interior or a mythical Arthurian past. Visualising a point of intersection between art-historical iconography and glass technology, the use of the mirror constitutes a specific re-presentation of modern life through mirror imagery and establishes a visual dialogue between Holman Hunt, Rossetti and their followers in spite of seemingly opposing stylistic variations.

Clare Yearwood Munn is a History of Art Doctoral Candidate at University of York, supervised by Dr Liz Prettejohn. She has worked as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Mobile and the University of South Alabama, as well as giving papers at conferences such as ‘Pre-Raphaelitism: Past, Present and Future’.

ADMISSION: £5.00 payable in advance, including free tea and coffee. Please note that events/entrance tickets are not issued in advance. Pre-booking is mandatory. The Society reserves the right to allocate places on a first-come, first served basis where demand for places exceeds venue capacity. All SPAB members and PRS members are welcome.

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