Pre-Raphaelite Walk in London Rescheduled

My dearest friends- It is with great regret I find our June 20th walk isn’t auspiciously timed and I’d like to move it. The reports from the websites I follow have grown from a murmur to a roar, and indicate the anti-austerity protest planned for that day in central London (which was arranged after we had already planned the walk) is going to be huge.

I’m worried that we are in for extreme transport disruption and street closures. And some of our members might like to have a bit of a William Morris-style protest themselves 🙂

But do not fret, the walk is not cancelled, and will be moved to mid-Spring 2016. We will have a new date within the month. Those of you who have returned slips, you still hold your places, and I will call to confirm you are happy with the new date. For those who have not yet signed up, just make a note on your slip you are aware of the coming date change.

All the best-

Madeleine Pearce, the London and Southern Group coordinator, (


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