Lecture: ‘Marginal Masculinities?: Regional and Gender Borders in William Bell Scott’s Wallington Scheme’

A lecture by Dr. Rosemary Mitchell entitled ‘Marginal Masculinities?: Regional and Gender Borders in William Bell Scott’s Wallington Scheme’ will take place on the 19th of July at 11am at the Birmingham & Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham.

This analysis of W.B. Scott’s eight Wallington paintings argues that the choice of male figures from Northumbrian history questions both the nature of Borders history and the character of performances of masculine identity and achievement. The choice of Bede, Cuthbert, and Bernard Gilpin as subjects emphasizes cultural and religious achievements (of both border communities and border men), validating those who preferred a miminal existence and obscurity over worldly advancement and national prominence. Rather than being seen just as uncivilised and violent frontier region, Northumbria is constructed as an arena for genuine social, and spiritual progress. This will be linked to W. B. Scott’s own sense of marginalisation within the Pre‑Raphaelite art world and his quest to shape a viable identity as pictor ignotus, and of the significance of his work at Newcastle as the first master of its School of Design.

Dr Rosemary Mitchell is a Reader in Victorian Studies and Director of the Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies at Leeds Trinity University. She is also associate editor of the Journal of Victorian Culture, and a member of the steering committee for the British Association of Victorian Studies.

For further details relating to the event mentioned above please email info@Pre‑Raphaelitesociety.org.


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