Pre-Raphaelite Poetry Reading

PRS_poet-in-residence_2012On March 23rd 2013 the Pre-Raphaelite Society is hosting a poetry reading by Sarah Doyle, the PRS Poet‑In‑Residence, at  St. Philip’s Cathedral, Colmore Row, Birmingham. Reading starts at 11.00 a.m.

The Pre‑Raphaelite Society’s Poet‑in‑Residence, Sarah Doyle, will give an hour‑long illustrated reading of her poetry. This will focus mainly on the poems written especially for the Society, along with those from Sarah’s collection responding to the paintings of J.W. Waterhouse. Many of you will have read Sarah’s poems in the Review, and there are also some available on our website here: Sarah is an excellent performance poet and we are very excited to hear her perform for the Society. Please come along and hear her!

Sarah Doyle is a regular performer at poetry events in and around London, and last Autumn was a guest reader at the Torbay Poetry Festival. Her poetry has appeared in various publications and has been placed in some national poetry competitions, such as Poetry on the Lake and the Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition. Recently, Sarah was the only poetry winner in Forty Hall’s “I Just Wanted to Tell You ”poetry/photography postcard competition—with 20,000 postcards bearing her short poem being produced and distributed in Spring 2012.  Sarah is, with Allen Ashley, co-author of Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System, a collection of poetry inspired by the objects and phenomena of our night skies. Sarah ’s poetry is often, though not exclusively, formal; she favours metre and rhyme, and enjoys experimenting with new forms of her own devising. Sarah is a great art lover, being particularly drawn towards Pre-Raphaelitism. She is currently working on a collection of poetry inspired by the paintings of John William Waterhouse. Sarah ’s website can be found at, or you can find her on Twitter @PoetSarahDoyle.


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