A Pre-Raphaelite Cocktail Party

The Pre-Raphaelite Society has been enjoying the festive spirit early with a discussion on Twitter about #PRBcocktails, inspired by a Pre-Raphaelite cocktails event at the William Morris Gallery. These are the suggestions so far:

Guinevere and Tonicjohn_william_waterhouse_destiny

The Beguiling of Merlot

Strawberry Thief Daquiri

Holman Hunt Wallbanger


Annie Miller Lite

The Eve of St Angostura Bitters

Matthew Arnold’s To Margarita – Continued

Red (House) wine

Mai Timon of Athens

Ecce AnChiChi Domini

William Missouri Mule

White Ruskin


Mariana Slammer

Fiametta Volcano

Brandy Alexander Munro

Long Island Ice (Rosset)tea

Janey and tonic

Pink Lady of Shalott

Astarte Screwdriver

Beata Baybreeze

The Finding of the Saviour in the Shirley Temple (for those driving)


Proserpina Colada


Whiskey and Waterhouse

Bocca Bacardi

Burne-Jones Vesper Martini

Sex on the PRBeach

With many thanks for a hilarious afternoon to: @Keats_Shelley @Verity_Holloway @PoetSarahDoyle @preraphsrule @Lynn_Shepherd @LynnRobertsPoet @nouveaudigital. Many apologies to anyone I missed off…let me know.

Sarah Doyle, the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Poet in Residence, has written a hilarious poem about the cocktails! Here it is:

One for my Daydream, and One for the Ode

’Tis a night in December, at a swish cocktail party,

attended by such PRB glitterati.

The invite goes viral! Everyone Twitters,

we’re ready for Eve of St. Angostura Bitters.

For who would not drink away all of their cares,

aided by a jug of Acapulco Gold(en Stairs)?

Cosmo-solomons are flowin’, a theme is emergin’ –

who ordered The Girlhood of Bloody Mary Virgin?

We all raise a glass, for we’re excellent toasters,

before placing them back upon Our English Coasters.

A Mariana Slammer is fine on the mouth,

or perhaps you’d prefer a Margarita in the South?

There’s Pink Lady of Shalott, Chocolatini Godiva,

Holman-Hunt Wallbanger and Astarte Screwdriver.

Prosoperpina Colada, and Annie Miller Lite,

or would a bottle of Red (House) see you just right?

We move on to a batch of La Belle Dame Sans Martinis,

Bocca-rdi and Coke, chased by Isa-Bellinis

(Pot of Basil optional).

The party is swinging – indeed, who could say no

to a tempting White Ruskin or Fiametta Volcano?

Sex on the PRBeach slips down with ease,

all followed by snifters of Beata Baybreeze.

The buffet is served! The gathering begs

to be feasting on platefuls of Deverelled Eggs.

Who’s still feeling peckish? Here’s more nibbles-fun…

Christ in the House of his Peanuts, anyone?

A Janey ‘n’ Tonic provides some relief,

but whose was the Strawberry Daiquiri Thief?

Mint Julian and Madallo goes down well at Yule;

so, too, does a tasty William Missouri Mule.

Brandy Alexander Munro is tres glam,

and who fancies Bare Naked Lady Caroline Lamb?

Long Island Iced Rosset-Tea is a splendid exemple;

quite as good as Finding the Saviour in the Shirley Temple.

The Beguiling of Merlot hits quite the right notes,

while Whiskey and Waterhouse wins many votes.

Such drinkies, I yearn for (the Morrises’) bed;

I’m starting to feel Light (of the World) in the head.

Oh, I’m getting so woozy, my poem here ends.

Goodnight, guys. I love you. You’re all my besht friends….

© Sarah Doyle 9th December 2012



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3 responses to “A Pre-Raphaelite Cocktail Party

  1. Reblogged this on The Victorian Librarian and commented:
    Love this post. Just trying to come up with a cocktail worthy of my beloved Edward Burne-Jones.

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