Call for Works of Art

Dr. Nic Peeters, art historian/guest curator in partnership with the Groninger Museum in Groningen (Netherlands) is planning a major exhibition on lesser known Pre-Raphaelite artists associated with the Grosvenor and/or the New Gallery. Dr. Peeters would be delighted to hear from any private owner who would be interested in lending to the Groninger Museum a work by one or more of the following artists: Walter Crane (1845-1915), Charles Fairfax-Murray (1849-1919), Emily Susan Ford (1850-1930), Evelyn Pickering (later Evelyn De Morgan, 1855-1919), Marie Spartali Stillman (1844-1927), Marianne Stokes (1855-1927), John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1829-1908), John Melhuish Strudwick (1849-1937), Thomas M. Rooke (1842-1942), Maria Zambaco (1843-1914).

The main focus is on the oil-paintings of this group, but other media are welcome too, including sculpture. The exhibition is scheduled for 6 December 2014 until 26 April 2015 at the Groninger Museum and will possibly travel to a partner museum afterwards.

Please contact Dr. Peeters via for more information.


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