Welcome to our new blog!

The Pre-Raphaelite Society decided it was time to have more of a web presence and to start blogging to keep our members and anyone interested in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood informed about what we’re doing, events we are holding, and any other news that might be of interest. So please bear with us while we get this site up and running, bookmark us and come back for more! This blog is not intended to replace our website, which remains the primary place to go for information about the Society and its work, but is meant to be a more flexible news forum. This is meant to be a parcipitative forum, so do add your comments and let us know what you think!



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10 responses to “Welcome to our new blog!

  1. Simon Cooke

    An excellent idea, Serena.

    • Serena Trowbridge

      Thanks Simon, I’m glad you think so! As we only have 3 mailings a year we thought it might be a good way to keep in touch with everyone.

  2. Amelia Yeates

    Hi Serena,
    This is a great idea and I think the interface also looks really good. The ‘follow-up’ comments option is also really useful.

  3. Nic Peeters

    Splendid idea Serena!
    Here’s my first message as ‘Low Countries Correspondent of the PRS’ (I hope to write more such messages in the future):
    Until 23 August 2009 there’s a major retrospective dedicated to the Belgian artist Alfred Stevens at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels. Stevens was a contemporary of the Pre-Raphaelites and often painted similar subjects. His later work is more related to Whistler. You can find all the practical details on how to visit the show on:
    Definitely worth taking the Eurostar for!

    PS: When you’re at the RMFAB in Brussels, don’t forget to have a look at their most prized possesion, Burne-Jones’ The Wedding of Psyche.

    • Serena Trowbridge

      Hi Nic, it’s great that we have a ‘Low Countries Correspondent’! That sounds fascinating – thank you for posting the link.

    • Kedrun Laurie

      Hi Nic, Just to say I am also a PRS member based in Brussels if you want to get in touch.

  4. Katja Robinson

    Hello Serena- this is proving to an excellent resource already – well done 🙂 Katja

  5. Maria

    I am so excited to see the blog! There is always so many interesting things to read in the PRS, so hopefully this will be a venue for discussion and reports and pictures of events — especially since I am in the US and can’t attend.

    Thanks Serena!

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